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Washington Fourth Graders Experience Life of a Lumberjack

Jeremiah Dentz, a.k.a. Tossin' Tommy the Lumberjack, visited Washington School for Comprehensive Literacy fourth graders after they studied lumbering in Wisconsin. Toss'in Tommy allowed the students to actually try some of the activities that lumberjacks had to do years ago. The students tried to strike and split a match with a hatchet, cut a log with a two man crosscut saw and move logs with a peavey. They also were able to see real photographs and role play the lumberjacks in different jobs.

The life of a lumberjack wasn't an easy one. They had to get up at the crack of dawn with someone yelling, "Daylight in the swamp boys!" and work well into the evening, marking, cutting and moving logs.

"Hearing about the different lumberjack lingo that took place in the camps was a treat," said Nicole Herrmann, fourth grade teacher.

For lumberjacks, stovelids or flapjacks (pancakes), sinkers (donuts), murphys (potatoes), cackleberries (eggs), and black lead (coffee) were a main staple in their diets.

At the end of the presentation students participated in a frying pan toss to see who could throw the large pan the furthest.
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
May 20, 2009