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South Hispanic Students Perform at Washington
South High School dance student Aline Moreno
teaches dance steps to Washington students.

On Tuesday, May 12, the students of Washington School for Comprehensive Literacy were privileged to watch and dance with the Hispanic South High Dance Students. The students from South, Freddy Maritnez, Marilyn Suarez, Aline Moreno, Nayeli Escobar and Anahi Escobar along with their instructor, Leticia Moreno visited Washington as part of Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

The dancers focused on two areas of Mexican culture. The first was Jalisco, and secondly Veracruz. The dancers did a variety of dances commonly used in those two states of Mexico. The first was the Jarabe Tapatio better known as the Hat Dance.

The girls showed off their beautiful attire in the La Negra (The dance of the Mexican Lady).

The students then changed into the white attire to demonstrate two more dances, The Tilingo Lingo, a pre-wedding dance, and finally the La Bamba wedding dance where they used their feet to tie a knot in a ribbon that was lying on the floor. They could only use their feet to tie the knot. Both couples were successful.

When the South High students completed their group dances they mingled with the Washington student body and taught the students some dance steps. Washington loved the opportunity to share a cultural dance experience with the South students.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
May 20, 2009