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Urban Middle School Park Service Project

On Wednesday, June 3, Team 7-2 students and staff from Urban Middle School went to Kohler-Andrae State Park for the day. While there, the students and staff not only had fun, but also worked on a service project. Half of the 72 students pulled garlic mustard, while the other half picked up trash on the beach for the first hour of their trip. After finishing the service project, the students and their group leaders walked along the sand dunes, took a nature hike, and strolled along the beach.


The entire group went to the Nature Center to see all the interesting exhibits and watch a short video about the state park and the surrounding area. A long hike took the students back to their hang out spot which was the enclosed shelter where they ate brats, burgers, hot dogs, chips, and desserts, as well as had some free time to play soccer, volleyball, and frisbee; to fly kites; to play on the play ground; and to just relax for a bit.

The Urban students and staff are thankful for the parent and staff volunteers; for the donations of gloves from Diamond Vogel Paint and the north side Wal-Mart; for the food donations; and the helpful staff at Kohler-Andrea for making this day possible.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
June 12, 2009