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Washington Students Visit Milwaukee Art Museum

The fifth graders from Washington School for Comprehensive Literacy were awed by the architecture of the art museum. The students were given a tour in small groups led by museum docents. They observed ancient as well as modern art.

After the initial tour they went on an art scavenger hunt. Each group was given a list of both artists and pieces of art. The goal of the scavenger hunt was to find and name pieces of artwork by specific artists. In addition they had to locate named pieces of art and find the artist who went with the piece of artwork.

Students in Samantha Seboe's room chose The Janitor, a life-like size sculpture of a janitor leaning against a wall, as their favorite piece of art. Duwane Hanson created The Janitor in 1973. They chose this artist because he does work that relates to middle and lower class people. Hanson implants their feelings, jobs, and thoughts into his pieces of art.

Judy Sizonen, art instructor at Washington, provided the search and thought questions for the children to answer.

photoWashington 5th graders listen to a docent point out the Lake Michigan breakwater in front of the art museum.
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
June 28, 2009