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A2 Culture Day

Globalization becomes more apparent daily, but nowhere was it more visible than at the A2 Charter School on Wednesday, September 30. Students shared their cultures, heritages, and family stories in what turned out to be a snapshot of America's history. Immigrant stories from hundreds of years ago blended with more recent experiences that together, provided students with images of courage, dedication, and gratitude for the opportunities this country supplies.

Students began the school year by exploring the question of what it means to be an American. Part of the research included interviewing family members to identify how the family's heritage and experiences influenced their perceptions of citizenship.

Elyssia Perez wore a sombrero as she described her family's customs that she traced back to Europe and Mexico. What did she learn? That no matter where her family came from, or when they arrived, they had all made tremendous effort to gain access to better opportunities offered here (including education) and worked hard to make the most of those opportunities.

Caroline Judnic spoke of the discrimination her German immigrant ancestors faced when they first arrived in the country, but finished by saying she feels the most important part of being an American is the freedom.

Matt Stapel described looking forward to the day he would take possession of family keepsakes that traveled this country in a covered wagon, so he can hand them on to the next generation

Another student, Mejema Ganija, told of her family's recent immigration and also wrote a song that she performed about the freedoms available in the United States.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
October 15, 2009