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Lincoln-Erdman Students and Staff Raise $1750

Lincoln-Erdman Elementary School students and staff recently participated in a school-wide Penny War. Pennies acted as positive points and silver and dollar bills were negative points. The school was divided into four different teams: kindergarten teamed up with fifth grade, first grade teamed up with fourth grade, and second grade teamed up with third grade. The office, lunchroom staff, ELL and Special Ed staff were also a team. The penny war was held in the lunchroom during lunchtime so everyone could see how much change was being collected for each team.

Penny War organizers, Erin Holfeltz and Jane Meyer, both Lincoln-Erdman teachers, stated that the Penny War was a huge success. The students and staff collected a total of $1,605.48. The first-fourth grade team took first place. Members of that winning team included Mrs. Meyer's first grade, Mrs. Mrdjenovich's first grade, Mrs. Holfeltz's first grade, Mrs. Burhop's fourth Grade and Miss Stange's fourth grade. The kindergarten-fifth grade team landed in second place, the office team was third, and the second-third grade team took fourth place.

During the week of the school's Penny War, the tragic events unfolded in Haiti. After polling the Lincoln-Erdman families it was decided that $1,250 of the Penny War proceeds would go to Children's Hospital in Milwaukee and the remaining $355.48 from the Penny War plus an additional $144.52 from Student Council funds was donated to the Red Cross to be used for Haitian relief efforts.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
February 17, 2010