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South Students to Travel to Europe

Six Sheboygan South High students and two of their teachers are planning an educational trip for the upcoming summer to explore England, Scotland, and France. The departure date is June 21. During the 13-day trip, the students and teachers will see castles, parliament and the Eiffel tower. The travelers are also looking forward to eating rice pudding and Sheppard's pie.

Danielle Gabrielse and Erin Garczynski, both South teachers, will be the group leaders for Brittney White, (Name Withheld), Jason Babino, Zak Plautz, John Paul Darling and Brianna Cummings.

The trip is a leisure trip to explore and appreciate the different cultures of the world. Each member of the trip will pay his/her own way. The group plans to do a few fundraisers to offset costs of tipping and extra excursions.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
February 19, 2010