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Washington Continues Georgie's Great Day Tradition
Debbie Schmidt helps a student with her
jewelry project. Schmidt also presented
on "Flower Pot Creations" and
demonstrated how to use your
broken "bling" to make great
flowerpot creations.

Washington School for Comprehensive Literacy recently celebrated its annual Georgie's Great Day. During this daylong event, students have an opportunity to experience over forty different courses/sessions. The courses ranged from birdhouse building to jewelry making. Several weeks before the event takes place, students select which sessions they will attend.

Each year, there are many and varied talents who join forces to make Georgie's Great Day a day to remember. Many people from the community volunteered their time and talent to come to Washington to demonstrate and gives hands on experience to the students.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
February 19, 2010