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Magic with a Meaning at Cleveland and Montessori Schools
Magician and entertainer Bob Bohm saws Principal
Deb Streblow in half during the 'Magic with a Meaning'

Cleveland Elementary and NEW Montessori students and staff were recently treated to a presentation and magic show by magician and entertainer Bob.

The 'Magic with a Meaning' program weaved a message right into the routine and showed ways of doing the right thing in a magical and fun way. Bohm demonstrated being courteous and kind, showing respect for others, doing your best to learn, knowing the rules and being responsible, all leading to building good character.

Throughout the show Bohm had the students recite the magic words please and thank you. He wowed the audience with his homework trick to teach them to be responsible and the importance of getting their homework done all while making them laugh.

An assistant from the audience, a student in the 4-year-old kindergarten class, painted a poster of Bart Simpson. Bohm laughed with the students about the antics of Bart Simpson but also pointed out that he is always in trouble for the mischief he causes and stressed ways to be respectful and have fun in school. The program ended with Bohm sawing the principal, Deb Streblow, in half!

The Positive Action Show touched on all of the important ideas that Cleveland and NEW Montessori Schools are trying to instill in the students. By mixing the messages into the magic tricks the children were entertained and had fun while learning valuable life lessons.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
February 22, 2010