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Pigeon River Penny War Raises Over $1870
Pigeon River students drop in their coins in the jars during
the school'sweek long Penny War. The money raised will be
donated to the Bookworm Gardens.

Pigeon River Elementary students recently engaged in a friendly penny war to raise money for the Bookworm Gardens children's garden project. Grade levels had jars set out throughout the day for pennies and cash to go in their jar. Later in the day, the students could put silver coins in other grade level jars that cancelled out the pennies that were already in the jar.

At the end of the week, the Pigeon River students had raised $1,872.22 for this project! The winning grade level was the third grade. Their prize is a field trip to the Bookworm Gardens in the spring.

Bookworm Gardens was chosen for this project because of the community tie Pigeon River has with the Bookworm Gardens and Sandy Livermore, the mastermind behind the idea. Livermore has worked closely with Pigeon River School for many years as a parent and co- leader of the Green Gang Environment club. For more information about the garden visit

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
March 17, 2010