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Sheridan Students Help Haiti (written by student Steve Y.)

Sheridan students helped Haiti by collecting money from our class. We collected $122.46. We bought things at Walgreen's with the money. We bought adult aspirin, children's aspirin, toothbrushes, hand sanitizer, ace bandages, and gauze. We spent $117.80 for all the things we bought, and we donated the rest of the money too.

We all had jobs to do. The accountants were Dylan and Savannah, and they used calculators to keep track of how much we spent. The bankers were Jeremiah and Malina. They were in charge of the money and paying for the items. The delivery people were Kobe, Bilal, and Chris. They held the items at the store and carried them back to school. Purchasing people were Austin and Alonzo, and they kept track of what we wanted to buy. Viviane took pictures, and Steven reported what we did. Gabriel was the EMT, and he carried the first aid bag.

We gave the items and money to Wendy Seidlitz, who was in Haiti during the earthquake. She will return to Haiti in March to bring the items.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
March 22, 2010