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Washington Second Graders Visit Mead Library

Michelle Peterson's second grade class recently took a field trip to the Mead Public Library to become familiar with the library and how it functions. The trip started with a ride on the city bus to the library. Some students have never had a ride on the city bus before and loved the experience. Peterson takes her second grade class to the library every year to familiarize them with the great things that happen there.

During the field trip, the librarian read the students a story and took them on a tour of the library showing them how it works and where they can find that "just right" book to read. The students are also introduced to the summer reading program and the great rewards that come with it. Some of the students have not been to the library before, and this opens up a whole new window of learning for them. After the tour, the students were given time to search for three "just right" books to take along to both read and share with their families. They also had an opportunity to pose by the artwork that they created that is now on display at the library.

When asked about the field trip experience, one of the students said, "I like to go to the Mead Public Library because it helps me be a better reader. And, if you haven't been there you should go there with your parents!!"

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
April 1, 2010