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South World Languages Club Celebrates Diversity

Sheboygan South High School 's World Languages Club has held many events throughout the year before and after school to celebrate the different languages taught at South High. All South students could participate in the events. It was not necessary to be a student of Spanish, French, German, and Chinese to be invited to the different cultural activities. Prior to this year, the club had guest speakers, fun holiday activities, and movie nights.

On March 18 the World Languages Club celebrated its most recent movie night by watching the French film "L'enfant". While the students watched the film with English subtitles, they ate some traditional French food. This year the World Languages Club has had German and Spanish movie nights, and it is looking forward to the next event that will feature a Chinese film and Chinese food. The goal of movie nights is give South students an opportunity to see a movie that they would most likely not have the opportunity to see. Movie Night also exposes students to a culture different than their own. Students can join any time and may contact co-advisors Molly Smith or Amy Raml for more information.

Members of South High School's World Languages Club watch the French film "L'enfant" during the group's movie night on March 18.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
April 1, 2010