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James Madison Students Learn during 'Survivor Madison'

Madison Elementary students who are in Beth Sproehlich's fifth grade classroom recently participated in an activity called Survivor Madison. Survivor Madison was created to motivate students to put forth effort to learn some of the skills that often become mundane to them by this point in their school career.

For the activity, students were placed into a tribe. Each tribe made banners with its tribal name. The members of the tribe wore their tribal bandana and competed in activities one day a week for 5 weeks. Each week the tribe with the top score has a small feast to celebrate.

Some of the Survivor Madison events students participated in included:

  • Equivalent Fractions to the Rescue - Match equivalent fractions under a time limit
  • True/False Jungle Bark - Answer history and geography questions by choosing to show the true or false painted on tree bark
  • Watch Out for Killer Bees - A spelling bee with a few twists
  • Estimation Boa Squeeze - Guess the number of M&M's in a large container using the knowledge of previous answers that were either under or over the correct answer
  • Free Throw Me a Lifeline - Make free throws so students could collect objects such as first aid, water, flashlight, and other helpful items
  • Spiders and Snake Pit - Guide your blindfolded tribe mates through a maze of poisonous vipers and arachnids

When asked to comment on Survivor Madison, some of the comments reported by the students were:

"Encourages teamwork with students that you don't normally work in a team with."

"Teaches us how we can utilize strategies we learn in the classroom to further our progress."

"It is really fun because it combines physical and academic challenges into fun experiences with our friends."

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
April 8, 2010