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High School Music Students Advance to State

On Saturday, March 13 high school music students from Manitowoc and Sheboygan performed for the annual solo and ensemble festival. Over 600 entries were performed for judges throughout the day. The festival, which is sponsored in part by the Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA), provides judges from all over the state to listen to individual and group performances and evaluate their playing according to performance standards. Students perform pieces in a range of difficulties, working for several months before the festival. Students who receive a 1-star rating when performing a Class A piece advance to state.

SASD high school students qualifying for state are:

North High School:

Soloists advancing to state: Band: Brady Cassidy, Megan Copsey, Katelyn Evraets, Allison Fritz, Matt Griffith, Lucas Henderson (4), Tyler Henderson, Derek Klockow, Brian Kloiber, Cole Meller, Max Meller, Tommy Nonnweiler, Alexandra Ritchie, Katelyn Staaben, Alex Steffes, Kate Wintheiser; Choir: Caitlin Barclay (2), Anthony Caelwaerts, Angel Campbell (2), Casey Campbell, Lauren Ensor, Megan Gleason, Tyler Henderson, Aristotle Leonhard (2), Elijah Lewis, Erin Miller, Charlotte Mueller, Brandon Pakkebier, Katie Phillips (2), Matt Rickmeier (2), William Schwalb, Samantha VanWyk, Jonathan Wheeler, Dallas Wright, Alicia Zabel (2); Orchestra: Hannah Gottsacker, Beth Klein, Becky Le Beau, John Jones (2), Shoua Xiong (2); Piano: Lindsay Raleigh.

Ensembles advancing to state: Band: Nicole Maletzke & Beth Dreikosen duet; North High Jazz Combo; Derek Klockow & Alex Steffes duet; Wednesday Morning Jazz Band; Choir: Matt Rickmeier & Sethe Christensen duet; Alicia Zabel, Angel Campbell, Ari Leonhard, & Tyler Henderson quartet; Alicia Zabel, Angel Campbell, Sam VanWyk, & Alee Vang barbershop quartet; Northern Lights Madrigal Ensemble, Mixed Show Choir, and Vocal Jazz Ensemble; Courtney Wilmot, Caitlin Barclay, Erin Miller, Michelle Patron, Ali Jacobson, & Katie Phillips double trio; Matt Rickmeier, Sethe Christensen, Dallas Wright, Ari Leonhard, Tyler Henderson, Elijah Lewis, Brandon Pakkebier, Corin Menuge, & Houa Vang triple trio; Orchestra: Becky Le Beau & Shoua Xiong duet.

South High School:

Soloists advancing to state: Band: Zach Bennin, Matt Derse, Katie Henry, Austin Weber; Choir: Evan Braun, Katie Henry, Michaela Mischler, Anna Kuether, Allyssa Ourada, Bjorn Sabel, Keane Schmidt, Marielle Schuchardt, Jessica Wierman; Orchestra: Lindsay Fischer, Tanner Hawkins, Jessica Wierman.

Ensembles advancing to state: Band: Trisha Balma and Alyssa Davis duet; Jazz Ensemble I; Saxophone Choir; Choir: Anna Kuether, Marielle Schuchardt, & Jessica Wierman trio; Elizabeth Jacobs & Tim Holte duet; South High Singers Madrigal; Orchestra: Danica Samsin & Lindsay Fischer duet; Tanner Hawkins, Emily Fettig, Sara Pfile, & Zoe Macknick quartet; Jessica Wierman & Tanner Hawkins duet; Sara Pfile & Zoe Macknick duet, South High Chamber Orchestra; Piano: Stuart Schmidt & Name Withheld duet.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
April 10, 2010