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"Into the Book" Star Visits Longfellow

Longfellow Elementary School second graders and Read 180 students were paid a surprise visit by a TV star! All year these students have been learning reading comprehension strategies, using the Wisconsin Public Television program "Into the Book". On Thursday, April 8, the star of the show, Mrs. Marni Pingel, visited Longfellow and shared a lesson with the students.

For the surprise visit, the teachers gathered the students together as usual to watch the next episode of the program. When the show was to start, the teachers pretended that the projector was broken. While the teachers were "fixing" the projector, students were told to close their eyes and imagine Mrs. Pingel was actually there in the room with them. When the students opened their eyes, Pingel magically appeared. The students had a great time sharing their reading experiences with Pingel.

After the student presentation, Pingel conducted a staff development session with Longfellow teachers.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
April 20, 2010