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$1500 Virtual Business Grant Awarded to North

H&R Block has become increasingly passionate about the financial fitness of Americans H&R Block believes the first step to a more financially stable future begins with educating today's teens and helping them to be prepared for the real world with an understanding of personal finance. Sheboygan North High School has been selected to receive a curriculum grant from H&R Block Dollars & Sense™ program based on the application submitted by Linda Bolgert, North High Business Education teacher.

The interactive curriculum package includes Virtual Business® - Personal Finance software from Knowledge Matters. The simulation-based educational software engages students while presenting them with realistic situations and challenges around 18 financial topics: Budgeting & Saving; Choosing & Balancing a Checking Account; Getting a Credit Card; Fixing Your Credit; Education & Advancement; Using Online Banking; Paying Your Taxes; Intro to Investing; Time Management and Health; Finding a Job; Finding an Apartment; Buying a Car; Shopping; Risk vs. Return; Diversification; Investing for Retirement; Buying a Home; and Insurance.

This grant, with a value of over $1500, will be used in the one-semester business education course entitled, "Investing for Life".

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
May 25, 2010