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SASD Foster Grandparents Honored

June Young, 82, of Sheboygan was honored for 22 years of service as a Foster Grandparent at the program's 36th annual recognition event on June 11. Young, the longest serving volunteer in the program, has provided more than 12,000 hours of service to the third-grade students at Wilson Elementary School. During this time, she has assisted more than 500 students in reading and math.

"June is very creative and has come up with many unique ways in which to help the children remember their multiplication facts," said program director Barbara Horneck. "It is this joy of watching children learn that captures the hearts and minds of these older adults and keeps them coming back year after year. It is very rewarding."

Those honored for 15-plus years of service were Helen Salzwedel and Johanna Johnson (18 years), Betty Fetterer and Marian Beringer (17 years), and Eldonna LaPean and Eleanor Mentink (16 years).

Those honored for 10 to 15 years of service include Marge Ruppel (13 years), Lenora Gierach and Joann Loewen (12 years), Natalie Stoelb, Shirley Burger, Elaine Worm and Annetta Brachmann (11 years) and Margaret Marotz, Sandy Kaiser and Mary Mettry (10 years).

Those honored for one to nine years of service were: Jeanne Kade, Arlene Outland, and Carol Presutti (9 years), Frank Ohm and Jean Rondeau (8 years), Ruth Hartmann (7 years), Doris Ruge, Irmie Kelly, and Lillian Stevens (6 years), Barbara Strasser (5 years), Delores Hartlaub (4 years), Barbara Ognavic, Mary Jo Boldt, Esther Casady, and Joan Bryson (3 years), Vi Schuette (2 years) and Susan Weishaar (1 year).

Also recognized were Seniors in School volunteers Renda McCormick, Jim Johnson, and Pam Scheib (3 years of service), Bill McCormick, Marty Willis, and Stew Georgia (2 years), and Sharon Dulmes and Helen Keppler (1 year).

Foster Grandparents and Seniors in School volunteers are men and women, age 55 and older, who work as tutors and mentors in the school setting, providing encouragement and support to children in grades Pre-K through fifth grade and at the Early Learning Center.

Horneck said that more than 1,000 children in approximately 110 classrooms received the supportive one-on-one services of a caring older adult this past year.

For more information about volunteering in the schools, contact Horneck at (920) 783-0003 or email

Seniors in School volunteers serve a minimum of four hours weekly and Foster Grandparents serve between 10 and 20 hours. For their hours of service, income-eligible adults receive a small tax-free stipend as well as a daily meal and mileage reimbursement.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
June 29, 2010