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Longfellow Teachers Awarded $5000 NEA Grant

LouAnn VanWyk and Julie Hauck, two Longfellow Elementary teachers, were notified via email last week that they would receive a $5,000 grant from The NEA Foundation. Last spring VanWyk and Hauck submitted a grant application called "Kindles for Kids." As stated in the application, the teachers plan to purchase Kindles and stories to download on them for their Longfellow third graders. The premise for the idea was "given the increasing number of assessments using technology (MAPS for example), students should have an opportunity to learn and practice reading strategies using technology in addition to traditional books."

In the email notification sent by Jesse Graytock, Grant Manager for The NEA Foundation, said, "I would be delighted to hear about the successes and challenges you have had in implementing your innovative ideas."

When asked about the $5000 grant, Hauck commented, "Needless to say we are very excited and proud over this accomplishment. We can't wait to start using the Kindles with our students!"

Individuals who would be interested in learning more about other grant recipients can visit NEA's website.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
September 21, 2010