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Farnsworth Student Council Raises Money to Help Children with Cancer

The Farnsworth Student Council recently held a Childhood Cancer Awareness Week to raise money for a local chapter of the Childhood Cancer Network, formerly known as Candlelighters. The Childhood Cancer Network provides supplies and support for families in the Sheboygan area who have children who are battling cancer.

During the week students were able to purchase red and/or blue tickets before and after school for $1 each. Students who purchased a red ticket will have the privilege of bringing their jacket and backpack to plus period for one day. Students purchased a red ticket for each day they wish to participate.

Students in possession of a blue ticket will be able to participate in the different "dress up days" including Pajama Day, Hat Day, Duct Tape Day, Tie Dye/Neon Day and Costume Day. Students purchased a blue ticket for each dress day in which they planned to participate.

Staff could also purchase a $1 ticket for each day they would like to wear jeans to work or for each day that they would like to participate in the dress up days.

The week culminated with the Halloween Dance. One-half of the door proceeds will be donated to the fundraiser. During the dance, students were able to purchase a $1 ticket for the opportunity to throw a water balloon at a teacher.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
November 5, 2010