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Wilson First Graders Get a Special Visitor

Sergeant Somnuk Songserm, or "Sergeant Dan" as he told the children to call him, visited with Lisa Flook's first grade students on Veteran's Day. An unusual set of circumstances led to the sergeant's visit with the class. Flook asked her father, Jim Neumann, to go to a local bookstore the day before Veteran's Day to search out an age appropriate book to read to her first graders. When Neumann couldn't find an age appropriate book, he decided to stop at the Army Recruitment Center to find out if they had any materials. Songserm stated that he didn't have materials for first graders and offered to come and talk to the class instead.

During the visit Songserm told the students that he has been in the Army for 19 years; talked about his training and his present assignment as an Army recruiter. He also encouraged the students to stay in school and to get a good education. When asked by one of the students whether he still had to do training exercises, Sergeant Dan responded that just that morning he and his men ran a half marathon (13 miles) before they went to work. He then had the students do ten pushups.

At the end of his visit, Songserm asked the students, "What does it mean to you when we celebrate Veteran's Day?" One student responded, "We remind ourselves and are respectful because they are keeping us safe." Another student added, "Thank you for keeping us safe." And a third student said, "People in the Army take care of us so we are thankful."

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
December 8, 2010