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Washington First Graders Visit JMKAC

The first grade students from Washington School for Comprehensive Literacy recently enjoyed a field trip to the John Michael Kohler Arts Center. Students viewed animal exhibits, which ranged from paintings to a life-size fabric elephant. They then participated in a hands-on workshop and constructed their own elephants out of a variety of found objects that included gloves, bottle caps and egg cartons. When they returned to school, the students reflected on the day by writing and drawing about their experience.


One student wrote, "First we went to the Arts Center. Next, we talked about elephants. Then we made elephants. Last, we went back to school and we had so much fun! We made our elephants out of cloth and the eyes were made of buttons! My elephant was green and pink and they were humongous!"

Another student wrote, "Today my whole class went to the Michael Kohler Arts Center. First, we took off our coats. Then we went to see the elephants. Then we made art projects. I used all kinds of things! My trunk was made from a zipper. Last, we went on the bus. I liked when we made elephants!"

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
December 23, 2010