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A2 Students Host Colonial Tea Party

Tea, shortbread, queen's cake and lemon tarts were some of the items on the menu recently at the A2 Charter School as students interpreted their recent learning by re-creating a colonial tea party. Six different stories about children who grew up in Virginia in the 1700's were the basis of a study of Revolutionary America. Students came to school dressed as characters from the books they had read, performed plays about the key ideas expressed in the books, and played games from the period.

A2 teachers, Kathy Nelesen and Sandy Spatt, facilitated the experience that the children planned, prepared, and executed. Music from the time played in the background as the students sipped tea and exchanged information with the other guests about their colonial selves. Toasts of "Long Live the King" were met with suspicious stares and little enthusiasm, while "Give me liberty or give me death" led to rousing cheers.

Amy C. reported that the activities of the day helped her gain a deeper understanding of the injustices of the time. She added, "My story was about a colonial girl who was forced to do housework, just because she was a girl, when she wanted to learn to read and write so she could work at her family's newspaper." Mitchell G. said, "I have a better understanding of the conflict of that time after seeing some of the plays today." Kory T. agreed, but added, "It was good to see what people wore and try to act they way they did with their manners and customs." Helen F. commented that the experience showed her how "politics can influence people's everyday lives and even divide families."

The A2 Charter School is a school for independent, self-directed fourth and fifth graders. The school shares facilities with Jackson Elementary School 2530 Weeden Creek Road on Sheboygan's south side. Families interested in learning more about the A2 can call the school at 459-0949 or visit the school's website.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
December 23, 2010