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Jackson Students Get Special Visitor at End of Unit on Working Dogs

Sheboygan Falls Mayor Randy Meyer and his working dog, Deegan, recently visited with all of the Jackson Elementary School 3rd grade classroom as well as Brenda Boehlke's 2nd graders. The visit was a culmination of the students' research projects that focused on working dogs. Students studied elements of nonfiction books and used books that were loaned to the school from all of the district's elementary school libraries.

Some examples of the research topics included: seizure alert dogs, disaster search dogs, water rescue dogs, wilderness search dogs, guide dogs, therapy dogs, police dogs, medical detection dogs, security dogs, snow rescue dogs. The students shared their research with classmates in posters that incorporated the same elements (pictures, captions, text boxes, glossary, subtitles, diagrams) as seen in nonfiction texts.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
December 27, 2010