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Cooper Students Learn about Community Service with Visit from Local Police
Officer Dave Adams and Officer John Rupnick
discuss the role of the police within the
community with Cooper fifth graders.

Captain Anderson and twenty-four police officers from the Sheboygan Police Department recently visited Cooper Elementary School for morning role call. The visit served as part of the department's goal to serve the Sheboygan community. Their new philosophy, as explained by Lieutenant Williams, includes drawing awareness to the importance of neighborhood patrols while helping students become familiar with the role of the department.

Students listened to the basics of role call and heard current events within the department from Chief Domagalski, Lieutenant Williams, and Captains Wallace, Cobb, Veeser. Maps were handed out and discussions were held on accidents and other incidents within the force. Students inquired as to how to become a police officer or chief. Chief Domagalski stressed the importance of hard work and dedication to the job.

Lieutenant Williams addressed the department's values and community involvement. Key ideas included Human Life, Accountability, Integrity, Community Problem Solving, Professionalism, and teamwork. Fifth grade students were able to relate to this, as these are also key components of Cooper's character education program.

Students and members of the Police Department were able to chat one-on-one. Questions asked of the officers included, "How old are you?" and "What is the hardest part of your job?" Both the officers and students gained a clearer understanding of the interdependence of their daily roles.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
January 18, 2011