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Washington Teacher Presents at Wisconsin State Reading Convention

On opening day of the Wisconsin State Reading Association Convention, Brian Reindl, Literacy Coach at Washington School for Comprehensive Literacy, gave two presentations for attendees. He was a last-minute replacement for Dr. Linda Dorn of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock due to canceled airline flights because of the previous day's blizzard.

In the morning, Reindl was part of a panel on Response to Intervention. Changes to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act law in 2004 set in motion the need to address the critical issue of making sure students have adequate instruction to meet their individual needs so that students are never instructionally disadvantaged. The process to ensure that this occurs is commonly referred to as Response to Intervention or RtI. Each panelist presented overviews of their successful and unique intervention approaches.

The title of Reindl's portion of the panel was A Comprehensive Intervention Model as a Response to Intervention Process. Washington School uses the Comprehensive Intervention Model that has professional learning at its core. The model integrates research on effective interventions, alignment of classroom and supplemental programs, a portfolio of interventions for struggling readers, and a decision-making framework for selecting interventions and monitoring student progress.

Other panelists included Dr. Lisa Blackwell, Vice-President and Co-Founder of Mindset Works, and Drs. Donna Scanlon and Peter Johnston of the University of New York at Albany

In the afternoon, Reindl's session was titled Writing About Reading. This presentation focused on the recent Carnegie Report titled Writing to Read: Evidence for How Writing Can Improve Reading. This meta-analysis presents evidence and recommendations to include writing responses to reading to support reading acquisition and comprehension. After summarizing the research evidence in the report, Mr. Reindl showed how writing about reading is built-in to Guided Reading Plus, an intervention from the portfolio of interventions in the Comprehensive Intervention Model. Video clips of teaching interactions between teachers at Washington School and their students provided the audience with an opportunity to analyze the following writing behaviors: encoding, composing, comprehension, language use, and conventions. The goal was to help teachers pay attention to those writing behaviors and support their development through intervention in order to strengthen reading achievement.

For more information on the Comprehensive Intervention Model, visit the following websites: or

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February 8, 2011