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Sheboygan Area School District Music Students Advance to State
On Saturday, March 15 music students from Manitowoc and Sheboygan performed for solo and ensemble festival at South High School. Over 450 entries were performed for judges throughout the day. The festival, which is sponsored in part by the Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA), provides judges from all over the state to listen to individual and group performances and evaluate their playing according to state performance standards. Students perform pieces in a range of difficulties, working for several months before the festival. Students who receive a 1-star rating when performing a Class A piece advance to state. North and South High School students qualifying for state are listed below.

North High School:
Soloists: Band:
Flute: Caroline Hundley, Kara Kaltenbrun.
Oboe: Logan Gerbitz, Brianna Pelland, Allison Pond.
Bassoon: Kyle Yedica.
Concert Snare Drum: Sam Leroy.
Drum Set: Nathan Fritz.
Parade Drum: Nathan Fritz, Riley Gravelle.
Marimba: Seneida Biendarra.
Saxophone: Darshon Wisecup.


Violin: Josie Annelin, Kara Martin, Adrienne Tauscheck, Gabrielle Tauscheck.

Viola: Nathaniel Sattler.

Cello: Devon Bertnick, Molly Knoedler, Anna Mancl.

Vocal: Helen Bell, Katie Burg, Elizabeth Gartmann, Joseph Humiston, Ben Johnson, Steven Lee, Anna Mancl, Chad Matha, Hilary Mayer, Tanner Moenning, Grace Ratzlaff, Rachel Smith, Mimi Viglietti.

Musical Theater:
Eulalia Carriveau, Elizabeth Gartmann, Joseph Humiston, Ben Johnson, Steven Lee, Anna Mancl, Hilary Mayer, Tanner Moenning, Grace Ratzlaff.

Vocal Jazz Improvisation: Hilary Mayer.

Piano: Anna Mancl, Elizabeth Gartman, Anastasia Gordziej, Morgan Ross, Gianna Santino.


Flute Duet: Ellie Revelis and Caroline Hundley;

Woodwind Duet: Kara Kaltenbrun and Allison Pond;

Woodwind Trio: Logan Gerbitz, Allison Pond, Kyle Yedica;.

Woodwind Quintet: Kara Kaltenbrun, Allison Pond, Alex Kuehlmann, Maddie Opie, Kyle Yedica.

Vocal Duets: Liz Gartman and Ben Johnson, Joseph Humiston and Ben Johnson, Hilary Mayer and Anna Mancl, Hilary Mayer and Chad Math, Grace Ratzlaff and Joseph Humiston, Rachel Smith and Grace Ratzlaff, Mimi Viglietti and Eulalia Carriveau, Mimi Viglietti and Steven Lee, Darshon Wisecup and Steven Lee.

Vocal Quartets:
Anna Mancl, Grace Ratzlaff, Joseph Humiston, and Ben Johnson, Hilary Mayer, Rachel Smith, Tanner Moenning and Chad Matha.

Northern Lights Show Choir and Madrigal Ensemble
: Sam Broghammer, Eulalia Carriveau, Katie Folan, Liz Gartman, Jon Hollister, Ben Johnson, Steven Lee, Chad Matha, Hilary Mayer, Tanner Moenning, Grace Ratzlaff, Rachel Smith, MimiViglietti, Jenny Wheeler, Laurin Wilmot, Kong Meng Yang, Tina Yang.

Violin Duet: Adrienne Tauscheck and Gabrielle Tauscheck.

String Quartet: Nicole Galicia, Taylor Garbe, Charlotte Andreasen, and Anna Mancl.

String Choir: Gabrielle Tauscheck, Adrienne Tauscheck, Taylor Garbe, Josie Annelin, Jacki Grabowski, Liz Johnson, Annmarie Wang, Abe Opie, Kara Martin, Kirsten Brooks, Nicole Yedica, Caitie Koch, Brooklyn Landgraf, Nathaniel Sattler, Morgan Ross, Charlotte Andreasen, Trenton Sarnowski, Anna Mancl, Molly Knoedler, Devon Bertnick, Michelle Wildman.

Piano Duet: Elizabeth Gartman, and Anna Mancl.

South High School:
Band solos:

Flute solo: Melissa Landgraf.
Clarinet solo: Kim Becker.
Clarinet solo: Holli Rammer.
Alto Sax solo: Pachia Yang.
Horn solo: Melanie Anderson.
Horn solo: Pietro Scilipoti.
Trombone solo: Sean Reinemann. 
Jazz Improvisation solo: Stevie Lopez.
Snare drum solo: Josh Clark.
Snare drum solo: Will Saykao.
Parade Drum solo: Andrew Schuessler.
Drum set solo: Will Saykao.
Marimba solo: Will Saykao.

Vocal: Emile Doro, Brianna Fischer, Emily Gamb, Lacey Nufer, Anna Polasky, Mitchell Tenpas, Nikki Yang.

Musical Theater: Emily Gamb, Matt Matysik, Anna Polasky, Mitchell Tenpas.

Piano: Emilie Doro, Evan Pfeiffer.

Jazz Piano
Improvisation: Emile Doro.

Flute duet: Melissa Landgraf and Emilie Breton,

Trumpet Quartet: Alyssa Hering, Trevor Maurin, Mia Thaves, and Isaias Ruiz.

Flute Choir: Melissa Landgraf, Emilie Breton, Sabrina Doxtator, Lexi Champeau, Malory Jensen, and Sammy Hoyt.

Brass Choir: Trevor Maurin, Gabby Eissner, Robert Yang, Favian Contreras, Pietro Scilipoti, Anthony See, Alyssa Hering, Dillon Karst, Josh Karst, Jacob Macknick, Evan Pfeifer, Derek Wagner, Matt Morgan, Kayti Lampe, Zach Klokow, Holly Reinl, Samantha Doxtator, Chris Houseye, and Travis Steiner.

Percussion Ensemble
: Will Saykao, Josh Leonhard, Clayton Michener, Evan Pfeifer, and Zach Klokow.

Jazz Ensemble I
: Pachia Yang, Kim Becker, Dan Mentink, Stevie Lopez, Brianna Damkot, Lauren Edson, Alyssa Hering, Trevor Maurin, Favian Contreras, Mia Thaves, Isaias Ruiz, Sean Reinemann, Jacob Macknick, Dillon Karst, Matt Morgan, Nathan Newman, Emile Doro, Clayton Michener, Chris Houseye, Christian Janovetz, Will Saykao and Josh Leonhard.


Vocal Duet: Lisa Lee, Emile Doro.

Vocal Trio: Seeda Yang, Alina Xiong, Lia Vang.

South High Singers Show Choir and Vocal Jazz Ensemble
: Emily Gamb, Erin Gamb, Anna Polasky, Brianna Fischer, Lacey Nufer, Stephani Noguez, Lisa Lee, Alina Xiong, Lacey Pfister, Madelynn Pfister, Seeda Yang, Matt Matysik, Alex Wright, Noah Yang, Christian Kaiser, Clayton Michener, Mitchell Tenpas, Silas Brunn, Zachary Blasczyk, Dylan Mayer.


String Trio: Brianna Clark, Alisha Ziegler, Alina Xiong.
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
April 11, 2014