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South High Annual Feats ‘N Follies Show a Success
The 2014 Feats N Follies show left the audience laughing at the skits and entertained by the acts. The theme this year - Live from South High, it’s Saturday Night - allowed the emcee’s to reenact classic skits from the popular comedy show Saturday Night Live.

There were five emcees who carried the show along - Seniors Benjamin Johnson, Jason Dekarske, Lauren Pfile, Mackenzie Birkey and Mitchell Tenpas. Coming out between acts to crack some jokes and introduce the next act, the five performed skits such as Down By The River, Mary Katherine Gallagher and The Lawrence Welk show. Pfile said she enjoyed being in the show rather than watching, “I wanted to be an emcee because when I was asked, I thought it would be a fun experience other than sports. I definitely went out of my comfort zone.” Pfile said her favorite skit was Mary Katherine Gallagher where she played the teacher. In this skit, amongst others, the five emcee’s were joined by kids from the community. Principal Michael Trimberger and Senior Sara Schrank also participated in the skits.

Students from South High also had the chance to participate by sending in funny photos of their friends from the popular app Snapchat to have them compiled into a music video. A premiere showing of the school-made music video “Shoutout” starred Seniors Eddie Shanklin, Tristan Schmidt and Sophomore Tysen Reese.

The show was enjoyed by all. Senior Ashley Brunette, who sat front row, thought the emcee’s were hilarious and entertaining. She also enjoyed the wide variety of acts. From cheerleading to band performances and vocal solos, there was something for everybody. Brunette said, “My favorite act was sophomore Amanda Hoffman with her forensics piece because it was really entertaining and she switched characters very well.”

This year’s show was enjoyed by staff, students, and community members of all ages and the shows to come will only get better!

Article written by Sara Becker, South High School student.

Lauren Pfile, Mike Trimberger, Mitchell Tenpas, and Ben Johnson performing the Matt Foley sketch.

Amanda Hoffman performing her forensics piece as one of the acts.
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
May 14, 2014