Advanced Standing Programs


AP - Advanced Placement

AP is a program of college-level courses and exams that give high school students the opportunity to receive advanced placement and/or credit in college. Teachers of AP classes may provide the course text, syllabus, and recommended list of readings for students interested in starting course work during the summer or prior to the AP course beginning. If a student is doing college level work in high school - in an AP or honors course, through independent study, or with a tutor - AP examinations may be taken at the conclusion of the course work. The score on the AP exam determines college credit and advanced placement in college. Check with individual college/university requirements for credit or placement. For all UW schools, you can also check on the web at

CAPP - Cooperative Academic Partnership Program

CAPP courses are college courses offered at both North and South High Schools. Students who meet the entrance requirements and successfully complete CAPP course requirements receive a transcript of the credits from the college offering the course. Check with individual college/university requirement for credit.

World Languages

Many universities award retroactive credits in a world language if a student has taken and passed the next level college class with a grade of B or higher.

Youth Options

High school students can take classes at a college that are not offered at the high school. A letter of intent is due in the principal's office by October 1, if requesting for second semester, and March 1, if requesting for first semester. Credit Determination for Youth Options Program
High school credits are granted for a post-secondary course taken under the Youth Options Program. The approved high school credit(s) granted are as follows: one-quarter high school credit per one semester credit offered by a post-secondary course.

Advanced Standing

High school students may take high school courses for which advanced standing credit is available upon enrollment at a post secondary school. All Wisconsin technical colleges will recognize "advanced standing agreements" made between a high school and a single Wisconsin technical college for the purpose of granting advanced standing for comparable courses when requested at another technical college.

Transcripted Credit

Select high school courses may be taken for transcripted (dual) credit. The course is the same as what is offered at a postsecondary college and the student receives credit from both the high school and the college. Youth Options courses also fall into this category.

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