Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports


PBIS Outcomes

What Are The Outcome of a PBIS Schools?

  • 80% of students (and staff) can tell you what is expected and give a behavioral example because the expectations have been taught, actively supervised, practiced, and acknowledged
  • Positive adult-to-student interactions exceed negative
  • Function based behavior support is the foundation for addressing problem behavior
  • Data- & team-based action planning and implementation are operating
  • High rates of continuous active supervision and positive reinforcement
  • Administrators are active participants.
  • Full continuum of behavior support is available to all students

Success of PBIS = Increased Academic Time

An Example of the Savings in Instructional Time by Reduced Discipline Problems

  • Each Office Discipline Referral (ODR) takes involves 45 minutes of student instructional time
  • Each suspension involves about 360 minutes of student instructional time
Than: What would a reduction of 100 office referrals and 10 suspensions mean?
  • Instructional time is increased by 4500 minutes  
  • Instructional time is increased by 3600 minutes
  • Total savings would be 135 hours or 22.5 school days of instructional time