Early Childhood

SASD's early childhood program provides services for children with disabilities.  This program:
  • provides students with a thorough initial evaluation along with formal and informal diagnostic assessment throughout enrollment in the program. This ongoing evaluation helps prepare the students for primary level placement.
  • develops appropriately sequenced skills on an individual basis in the cognitive, speech and language, personal/social, physical, aesthetic, and emotional domains.
  • provides instruction by a team of professional staff members which includes an early childhood teacher and a speech and language clinician. Occupational and physical therapists, and specialists in other areas may be added to the team to meet each child's individual needs.
  • facilitates the cooperative efforts of the home and school through multiple means of parent/teacher communication. These efforts are supplemented by community agencies and school support services as needed.
EC programming is available at the following locations in the district:
  • Early Learning Center
  • Pigeon River Elementary School