Spring Break Sports Week

The Rec Dept staff will lead traditional sports in the gym for students based by age.  All equipment is provided. 
Pre-registration is required. Space is limited.

Ages 6-8   9:00am-10:30am

Ages 9-11  10:45am-12:15pm

Monday, March 21 Flag Football -We will warm up with quarterback and receiver skills and drills then play football games inside the gym.

Tuesday, March 22 Gym Class Games-Soccer, floor hockey, dodgeball, man from mars, line tag, noodle tag and more.

Wednesday, March 23 Basketball-A variety of basketball drills and games will be taught and played including lighting, horse, 3 vs 3, 5 vs 5 and more

Thursday, March 24 Wiffleball-We will warm up with hitting and catching drills, then play games modified to player ability.

Friday, March 25-Kickball-The basics of the game will be taught to start, then playing games with different variations of the rule to make things interesting.

$5.00 Resident per day or $20.00 for the week, $7.00 Non Resident per day or $32.00 for the week