Swim lessons at James Madison Pool. Registration will open at 8:00am on August 18.

Parent/Child $22.00 Resident, 

$32.00 Non Resident

I Can Do It-Step 5 

$15.00 Resident, $23.00 Non Resident

Explanation of levels

Parents are with their children the whole time, playing games and introducing water skills. Swim diapers are required for all children who are not toilet trained.

Parents are with their children for the first half of classes, then separated to encourage independence. Please Note: If your child is unable to stand unassisted, you will be asked to stay with them for all classes.

Basic adjustment skills, floats and breath control are worked on using a variety of games.

Develops flutter kick, free-floating on front and back, and front crawl is introduced. 

4:30-5:10pm     Step 1     Code 9460

5:30-6:10pm    Step 2      Code 9461

6:30-7:10pm     Parent/Tot 18-36 Months     Code 9462

4:30-5:10pm Step 1 Code 9463

5:30-6:10pm Parent/Child 3/4 yrs old     Code  9464

6:30-7:10pm Step 2     Code 9465

4:30-5:10pm Step 2 Code 9466

5:30-6:10pm Parent/Tot 6-18 months Code 9467

6:30-7:10pm Step 1 Code 9468

4:30-5:10pm Parent/Child 3/4 yrs old Code 9469

5:30-6:10pm Step 1 Code 9470

6:30-7:10pm Step 2 Code 9471

9:30-10:10pm Parent/Child 18-36 month    Code 9472

5:30-6:10pm Parent/Tot 6-18 months Code 9473

6:30-7:10pm I Can Do It Code 9474