Grant Development


Grant Development Resources

Funding Sources - Search for funding opportunities through a variety federal, state, and foundation sources.

Grant Development Procedures

Grants under $2,500
Notify Mark Holzman, Assistant Superintendent, of your intent to apply and award status.
(920) 459-4030 or

Grants $2,500 and Above
Approval by the Board of Education is required prior to proposal submittal.
  • 2 Weeks Prior to Board Meeting – Contact Mark Holzman, Assistant Superintendent, to have the grant put on the Board agenda.
  • 1 Week Prior to Board Meeting – Submit the “9 Point” Board Form to Mark Holzman, Assistant Superintendent to be included in the Board packet.
  • Board Meeting – The project leader and other key staff must attend the meeting to provide a brief presentation and answer questions regarding the proposal. The Board votes to approve or disapprove the proposal.

Grant Development Process

Are you ready to develop a grant project & proposal?

You are ready if you can respond positively to the following:

Purpose: Can you articulate why you are seeking a grant?
  • Is the “why” bigger than asking for money or things?
  • Can you describe who will benefit from the project?
  • How they will be different (i.e. knowledge, attitude & behavior)?
  • What positive conditions will you be creating, what problem(s) will be solved and/or what needs will be met? 
Perspective: Can you articulate how the initiative is connected to the “bigger picture”? 
  •  Can you describe how the project connects to district-wide goals & policies?
  •  Are there clear connections with department and/or building goals?
  •  How will components of the project align with research and best practice? 
People: Have you connected with the right people for perspective, assistance and/or support? 
  • Have you talked with colleagues others with similar interests and/or overlapping responsibilities?
  • Have you connected with supervisors/administrators who oversee programs and/or services related to the initiative?
  • Have you obtained support from district and community partners?
  • Are you ready to provide initiative and serve as the project leader?   

If you are ready to proceed...see above for resources available & procedures to follow.