Staff Wellness: Resources

The Sheboygan Area School District offers our employees a variety of resources to keep you physically and mentally healthy. We are constantly working to provide opportunities for you to better yourself outside of the classroom so you can be your best in the classroom. 

Effective immediately, all EAP sessions will be conducted telephonically or using video conferencing. All account activity (leader consultations, in-person meetings, training, etc) will need to be telephonic or conducted through webinars. In the unfortunate need of having counselors available following a crisis, EAP will provide services telephonically. EAP will remain virtual until further notice.

Learn about creating a new routine, re-inventing self-care, working from home, talking to your children, and asking for additional support, plus so much more! View EAP's coping tips.

Free and Confidential

Aurora EAP is a free and confidential resource available to help you resolve personal or workplace issues quickly, confidentially, and effectively. Call us at (800) 236-3231 to speak with one of our EAP counselors.

  • Stress or depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Alcohol and drug use/abuse
  • Money management
  • Legal issues
  • Other personal concerns

View the EAP Brochure for more information on all services provided by EAP.

Learn to Live Happier

A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that being happy actually benefits health and helps promote a healthy lifestyle. Happy people are more likely to take better care of themselves and choose healthy behaviors. 

  • Practice gratitude daily
  • Get and stay active
  • Connect with others
  • Learn to meditate
  • Don’t shortchange your sleep

Still struggling? Aurora EAP is here to help. Give us a call at 800-236-3231. You’ll be happy you did.

EAP Helps Find Schools for Your Child

EAP offers families help to find preschools, public and private PK-12 schools, and even with the college selection and planning process! Contact them for more information.

Financial Consultations

Aurora EAP provides a free, 1/2 hour financial consultation as part of our regular service menu. Employees may consult with a financial professional regarding many different types of financial questions or concerns. Services include but are not limited to budget and debt counseling; retirement, estate, college, and mortgage planning; or questions regarding the new tax guidelines. 

It's OK To Not Be OK

Everyday life presents challenges enough for any of us. When you invest yourself in your job, stress levels can sometimes get higher. Regardless of the role we play, regularly responding to challenges can lead any of us to need a bit of additional support. It’s important for you to know that you are not alone. Assistance is available through EAP. We are your partners in support if you want help coping with a tough situation or if you just want to talk. 

Legal Consultation

Aurora EAP works with CLC Inc., to provide professional legal consultations and referrals for covered employees (members) and their eligible family members. Types of matters include civil/consumer issues, personal/family legal services, financial, real estate, criminal, IRS, estate planning, immigration, and naturalization matters. One initial 30-minute office or telephone consultation per separate legal matter is available at no cost with a network attorney. If you wish to retain a participating attorney, you will be provided with a 25% discount from the attorney's normal hourly rate. View the EAP Legal Consultations Flyer or call Aurora EAP at 1-800-236-3231.

Mediation Services

Aurora EAP works with CLC Inc., to provide professional mediation services for such topics as divorce, child custody, contractual disputes, real estate/landlord tenant, car accidents and insurance disputes. Each member is entitled to one (1) initial thirty-minute phone consultation per separate legal matter at no cost with a network mediator. In the event that the member wishes to retain a participating mediator after the initial consultation, they will be provided with a preferred rate reduction of 25% from the mediator’s normal hourly rate.

Concerned about the Opioid Crisis? 

Are you personally affected by opioid use, or are you worried about someone you love? Here is some information that may be helpful to you.

Signs and Symptoms of Opioid Dependence

Help is available for you, or a family member, who is struggling with opioid dependence. Your EAP can be your go-to resource for addressing any opioid-related challenges that you are facing.  Remember, opioid addiction is a treatable disease. Opioid dependence is a chronic condition and remaining opioid-free can be a challenge but can be done. View Opioid Flyer or call Aurora EAP at 1-800-236-3231.

  • Needing an increased amount of opioids to relieve pain, or get high
  • Feeling physical or mental withdrawal symptoms after stopping opioid use
  • Being unsuccessful in repeated attempts to cut down, or control, opioid use

Helpful Articles

Celebrating National Recovery Month
Sending Your Child to College

Let's Talk About Money

Practicing Mindfulness Reduces Stress

EAP Website

The EAP website has been redesigned. Now members can enjoy a more user-friendly experience with easier access to helpful resources. NEW FEATURE: Members will no longer need to sign in with a password. They have created a secure link for members to easily access a whole host of information.

Once on the new EAP site, members will need to choose the section (for employee, for employers, for students and their families) that pertains to them.

The Aurora EAP is committed to our clients, and we continually strive to provide the highest quality and most convenient EAP consultations available. With quality and convenience in mind, it is important to note the following:

  • All consultations are made available either in-person or telephonically upon the employee's request.
  • All in-person consultations are scheduled at facilities no further than 20 miles or 30 minutes from the employee's company or home.
  • The scheduling time for non-emergent consultations is 2 days
  • Same-day appointments are available in urgent or emergent situations.
  • Telephonic consultations with masters-prepared counselors are available immediately, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Grief - Resources and Information

Approaches to Being Happier
Understanding Grief and Loss

Working Through the Stages of Grief

Coping Skills Do's and Don'ts

Suggestions for Coping

How to Help Those You Care About


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  • Sleep/move/eat
  • Cover the basics
  • Support structure
  • Weekly Self-Care emails

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  • Early Bird deadline
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  • Marathon Challenge online submission
  • 20/20 Self Care Challenge 
  • Blood pressure self-reporting
  • Fall virtual Personal Training 
  • Mental Health of America Tool Kit
  • EAP IMPACT educational series sessions
  • Weekly self-care emails

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  • Bash video presentations
  • Timing for earning points
  • Enter medical/dental visits
  • EAP IMPACT Educational Series
  • Points reminders
  • MyHealics dashboard
  • Early Bird deadline
  • New points year

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  • Who is Healics
  • 4-Step HRA
  • Biometric Scorecard Update
  • Case Study Comparing Old Score Card to New Score Card

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  • Meet Anna Schmidt
  • Marathon Challenge
  • Changes to the point program
  • Back to School Bash point opportunities
  • EAP program
  • Virtual appointment opportunities

EAP Newsletters

Link Between Happiness and Health
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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Sleep Matters in Workplace

6 Effective Habits For Working at Home

Learn more about how to plan your day, set a routine, be flexible, avoid distractions, and keep healthy.

Accepting the Negative

Some individuals may experience various emotions such as anxiety, impatience, frustration, or irritability. This can be a normal reaction when going through uncertainty. For some, it's helpful to be able to identify what is working well or things for which to be grateful.

Creating a New Routine

We crave routine and structure. It's important to establish a sense of purpose in our daily lives. Create a schedule for your home with all members of your household. Post your household schedule for everyone to see. Ensure all are aware of the expectations and hold yourselves and each other accountable.

  • Get dressed like you were going to the office
  • Use a desk/table to mimic your office setting
  • Incorporate physical activity
  • Set a designated space as work
  • Regularly check in with a co-worker
  • Set work hours
  • Work within the identified times
  • Take breaks
  • Set expectations with family
  • Adjust plan according to daily/weekly needs

Re-inventing Self-Care

It is hard when you're robbed of your tried-and-true ways of taking care of your physical and mental health. But don't abandon them; science has shown that exercise, good nutrition, and socializing are directly linked to emotional well-being, so now is the time to get creative. Ensure proper nutrition. Maintain or initiate physical exercise (YouTube, YMCA online, walk/run outside, go hiking, etc). Get plenty of sleep.

Social Distancing

We are being asked to stay at home as much as possible. Social distancing recommendations for COVID-19 is 6 feet. Limit outings for essential purposes only-grocery store, pharmacy, etc. Connect with family and friends that live outside of your home via virtual platforms like FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Hangouts. Check-in with family and friends via text, emails, and/or phone calls. Bring back letter writing and find a pen pal.

Exposure to Media

Limit time spent watching or listening to the news and engaging in social media. Do not leave the news play in the background on your television or radio. Stick to the facts and keep things in perspective. Use the CDC and your public health department as credible sources of truth. Avoid news sources that cause you to feel anxious or distressed.

Talking to Children

Help children feel safe. Share facts, not opinions. Let children lead the conversation. If kids are asking questions, they are likely ready for the answer. Be empathetic. Stick to your new schedule and model the behaviors you want to see in your children. Consider appropriate amounts of screen time. Take care of yourself so you can take care of your kids.

Know When to Ask for Additional Support

We encourage you to reach out for help if you are having a tough time. Signs it is time to reach out for help includes forgetting things more often; having trouble concentrating; having difficulty making decisions; feeling anxious, angry, guilty, or sad; having stomachaches, headaches; increased irritability, trouble sleeping, crying easily, worrying excessively, or wanting to isolate.

EAP is a confidential and no-cost benefit currently providing telephonic and/or video services for employees and their household family members. Call (800) 236-3231 for assistance.

Daily Burn

Daily Burn has thousands of different workout videos so you can mix it up every day right from you home. Choose from group workouts or 1-on-1 training. Enter quick details about yourself, and they will tailor programs for your level and goals—including a schedule of workout videos to follow, nutrition plans, even rest days. Click on the following link to receive your free 30-day trial.!home


Headspace, an online meditation tool, is offering FREE access to all teachers, school administrators and support staff. Enjoy guided meditations to reduce stress and anxiety, or to help you focus. There are also meditations for kids!

Daily Meditations

Relax and de-stress with these daily free meditations for KIDS and ADULTS.

Centr Workout and Meal Plan

Workout at home. Stay healthy and seek calm together with actor Chris Hemsworth's team. Now offering a free 7-day trial. Sign up today at

Down Dog

With Down Dog you get a brand new yoga practice every time you come to your mat. Unlike following pre-recorded videos, Down Dog won't make you do the same workout over and over again. With over 60,000 different configurations, Down Dog gives you the power to build a yoga practice you love! SASD employees can enjoy yoga via Down Dog for free through July 1, 2021, by using your SASD email when creating your user ID. Download in the app store at

Fitness Center Update

North High School and South High School have state-of-the-art Fitness Centers. A staff person is present to supervise, answer questions, and demonstrate the proper use of equipment. All participants must attend a 1-hour drop-in orientation before participating. 


Show proof of attendance of 80+ workouts in a calendar year (January through December) and SASD will reimburse you $40. If you are a member of another fitness center, SASD will reimburse you $40 after you provide proof of 80+ workouts in a calendar year.  Administrators, teachers, and support staff, and their spouses qualify for membership reimbursement. Attendance documents should be sent to Pattie Pilz in Human Resources. Contact the Community Recreation Department at (920) 459-3773 for Fitness Center hours.

This Collection of Mental Health and Support Resources contains phone numbers and websites for local mental health associations, suggestions for how to talk to kids about the outbreak, as well as tips for healthcare workers, caretakers of older adults, and people in isolation. It also includes information on disaster assistance loans, tips for stress prevention, crisis hotlines, recognizing signs of stress, and personal disaster plans.

Mindful Websites

How Mindfulness Can Help You Navigate the Coronavirus Panic - (updated 3/30/20)
How Mindfulness Can Help During COVID-19 - (updated 3/30/20)

Mindful Videos

What is Live Health Online?

Medical physicians can diagnose acute ailments, recommend treatments, and prescribe medications. Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Psychology, and Allergy specialists are also available. You must be on the SASD medical plan to qualify. The average cost is $49 or less, depending on the service. Download the app at the Apple Store or Google Play.

Connect Face-to-Face 

Using TeleVisits, you can connect face-to-face with a provider using your phone, tablet or computer. These virtual visits, allow you to access care from a Healics provider without leaving your home. Healics will be waiving fees for all TeleVisits through the month of June. 

Call InHealth at (920) 547-4210 to schedule your TeleVisit. View the Flyer with more information.

$40 Fitness/Gym Refund

The Wellness Program is pleased to announce a modification to our Fitness Center Reimbursement Program. Spouses are now eligible to receive a $40 refund towards their fitness center membership by submitting proof that they worked out at a fitness center at least 80 times over the past calendar year (January 1 through December 31). Refunds for spouses will be deposited into the employee's bank account on record. Submit proof of your 80 visits to a fitness facility for the year 2021, to Pattie Pilz in Human Resources by no later than February 15, 2022.

$25 Rec Department Class Discount

SASD Wellness is offering a $25 class discount to full or part-time SASD employees. To redeem this benefit:

  • Register and pay for the class of your choice
  • Fitness instructor signs Community Rec Fitness Program Form verifying 75% attendance of class
  • Present the form with your Rec Dept registration for the next session
  • Receive a $25 credit towards your next class
  • Wellness Discount Community Rec Fitness Program Form

Sports Core Membership Discounts

Sports Core presents a powerful membership perk exclusively for all Sheboygan Area School District employees. Enroll for just $150 (normally $250)! Employees who are or become Sports Core members will receive a $15 rebate from Sports Core when they check-in 10 days or more each month. If you attend a fitness facility 80 times a year, you will receive a $40 reimbursement from Sheboygan Area School District.

Additional complimentary benefits include wellness consultation, personal training sessions, Sports Core Group Fitness classes, and a Sports Core New Member Coupon Book ($500 Value). Contact Member Services at (920) 208-4664 to schedule your appointment for a personalized tour and to receive a complimentary seven-day trial pass.

Learn about the Sheboygan Area School District's Employee Wellness program and resources!

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