Fifth Grade Sports Day

At this event, each student will be entered in one running event and one field event. All the events will take place before lunch. An obstacle course is scheduled to follow lunch. The boys and girls events will be held separately, with the boys completing the running events first and the girls completing the field events first. Each student will choose his/her running and field event for the day from the list below. Students have been introduced to the various running and field events during physical education class, so hopefully each student will find an event in which they enjoy and can be successful. Ribbons will be awarded to the top ten finishers in each event and every participant will receive a certificate of participation.

 The events are run by current/former Sheboygan Area School District employees and by students from North and South High Schools. Remember that a true sportsman will always congratulate their competitor whether they win or lose. We hope to see a lot of hand-shaking and high fives, not only among friends and classmates, but also opponents.


50-meter dash
50-meter hurdles
75-meter dash
100-meter dash
200-meter run
*400-meter run (Two boys and two girls from each school)

*Boys Relay = 4 boys from each school
*Girls Relay= 4 girls from each school
*Co-Ed Relay = 2 boys and 2 girls from each school


Disc Throw
Hammer Throw (a tetherball with a short rope)
High Jump
Long Jump
Softball Throw

Each school will also have three relay teams. These races are run after the girls finish their running events.