New Location for SASD Administrative Services Staff

October 6, 2021

After careful consideration and due diligence to ensure that the space will meet our needs, the Sheboygan Area School District has purchased the office complex previously home to the Wilson Mutual Insurance Company and Encova Insurance, located at 3330 Stahl Road. The location will serve as the new Sheboygan Area School District Administrative Services Building.

Part of Goal 2, Objective 4 of the district’s Long Range Plan to identify and prioritize capital needs of the District and develop a 10-year capital needs implementation and funding plan, included a review of the current space at 830 Virginia Avenue. Taking into consideration current needs for adequate space for meeting rooms and administrative staff, as well as recent modifications that include staff members working outside of their departments at other buildings, shared offices, and even offices constructed in hallways, district needs have outgrown this location.

The purchase was formally approved by the Board of Education in August 2021. As part of their commitment to educational institutions, the seller significantly reduced the purchase price. In anticipation of this need and as part of the annual budget process in recent years, the school district was intentionally set aside funds for the purchase as well as minimal renovations, designated in the Sheboygan Area School District fund balance. Additional ongoing costs, including utility, maintenance, and custodial expenses, will be offset by the cost savings and benefits detailed below:

  • Warriner Middle School and Warriner High School have been actively seeking a new location. These two schools would eliminate their existing lease and utilize the new available area at Virginia Avenue, resulting in annual savings.
  • ASPIRE, a Special Education independent living life-skills program, is also looking for a new space. This program would eliminate their existing apartment lease and relocate to Virginia Avenue, resulting in annual savings.
  • The relocation of administrative staff would eliminate the need to rent the additional parking lot at Virginia Avenue, resulting in additional cost savings.

Because of unique facility needs and its centralized location, several departments will remain at Virginia Avenue: Facility Services and Maintenance, Printing Services, Community Recreation Maintenance, School Nutrition kitchens, Receiving/Stockroom, and Bookroom.

Please note, all staff phone numbers will remain the same at the new location. 

SASD Administrative Services Building

Map of New Building 200 px


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