North High School Junior Experiences Real-Life Scenarios Through Red Raider Manufacturing

February 8, 2022

Abigail Tagel Red Raider Manufacturing 1 600x400

Abigail Tagel, a junior at North High School, has taken Tech Ed classes in the Red Raider Manufacturing (RRM) program since her freshman year. Currently enrolled in Automotive Technology and Electro-Mechanics, Abigail has also taken Power Mechanics and Advanced Power Mechanics.

She thinks that students who take classes in the RRM program can learn useful skills that will not only benefit someone going into the trades but anyone who will own a car or other machinery like a lawnmower.

“Working with actual machines gives students the opportunity to practice troubleshooting in a real situation, as opposed to scenarios in the lab,” Abigail said. “I’ve cleaned and adjusted a carburetor for a boat, replaced rear axles on an ATV, and even changed the exhaust for my own car.”

Abigail pointed out that students can bring in their own equipment to fix, too, even for something as simple as an oil change. She takes a lot of pride in a project she completed for her own vehicle.

“I was ahead with labs and assignments, so I brought in my car to paint the rims and change the tires. It took about a week to complete, but it was super fun.”

In addition to Tech Ed courses, Abigail is taking Lifeguard Training, Advanced Algebra, US History, Anatomy and Physiology, German, and English. Although recovering from an injury that has kept her on the sidelines this year, during her senior year she hopes to play volleyball in the fall and soccer in the spring.

Currently, Abigail plans to attend the Navy ROTC program at Texas A&M, live in Texas with her best friend after graduation, and work in law enforcement.

Red Raider Manufacturing is a partnership among the Sheboygan Area School District, Lakeshore Technical College, and local manufacturing companies. The program is offered at North High School and South High School.


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