The Sheboygan Area School District Brand

November 23, 2020

At the Sheboygan Area School District, we take pride in offering a variety of learning opportunities within our 25 distinct schools. Our teachers are top-notch educators who care deeply for your children and their success. Along with our administration, they continuously search for innovative ways to better support them every day.

As a district, we believe strongly in providing a comprehensive education to as many students and families as possible. Our numerous pathways, advanced courses, dual-language curriculum, public charter schools, varied teaching methods, and so much more allows any students to find a path that leads to their individual success. Whether their goal is to go into the military, enter the workforce, or continue on to higher education, we create custom opportunities for all students.

With that in mind, we embarked on a comprehensive brand strategy in February of 2019 in order to better communicate who we are as a district to the community, staff, parents, and students.

We looked at every department's perspective across all of our schools, resulting in a road map for our district to ensure success. The knowledge we gleaned has led to a brand that better reflects who we are at our core. Our new logo and website are just a small yet impactful piece of this bigger brand picture.

Moving forward, as we implement this new brand strategy, it is our goal to improve upon our communication and become more appealing to those interested in the Sheboygan Area School District.

We are a united and motivated team of educators, and we are dedicated to making the Sheboygan Area School District an educational institution that is second-to-none.


One of the exciting elements of our brand launch is the public reveal of our new logo. Our logo is designed to represent our core values. In the logo, you can see people joining hands which portrays unity, while their variety of sizes and colors symbolize our diversity. The white space in the middle of the logo is a compass, representing how we guide students and families on an education path that best fits their needs and goals.


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