Dual Language Program

The Sheboygan Area School District offers a Dual Language program for students starting in 4-year-old kindergarten or 5-year-old kindergarten. The Dual Language classes include native-Spanish speakers and native-English speakers, who receive content-based instruction in both Spanish and English. The program is offered at the Early Learning Center (4K), Sheridan Elementary School (K - 5) and Horace Mann Middle School.

Students in the Dual Language Program at Horace Mann
Components of a Dual Language Program
  • Made up of 50% English speaking and 50% Spanish speaking students
  • Delivers literacy through content in two languages
  • Delivers services that enriches both language groups
  • Recognizes and develops an appreciation of our diversity
  • Promotes global awareness
  • Produces students who are bilingual, biliterate, and culturally aware
Benefits of a Dual Language Program
  • A second language is best acquired at an early age.
  • Literacy skills are developed in both languages.
  • All students are both language learners and language experts.
  • Daily interactions between students in both languages facilitates second language acquisition.
  • Cooperative groups work together in all academic areas.
  • Increase higher order thinking skills, reasoning and problem-solving ability, verbal intelligence, cognitive flexibility and divergent thinking.

Want to learn more?

Contact the Sheridan Elementary School Office at (920) 459-3550.

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