Music Education

To empower students to participate, understand, and appreciate music throughout their lives.
SASD Music Department Mission Statement: Engaging students in comprehensive music education through performing, creating, and responding. Nurturing skills that foster knowledge, and affective connections to music, themselves, and the world.

Music Department Staff

Core Values
#1 - We believe that music and music education are essential to the learning and development of all students.
#2 - We believe that music education contributes to greater understanding of the global community.
#3 - We believe that music education allows students the opportunity to communicate their thoughts and feelings by performing, creating, responding, and connecting to music.
#4 - We believe that the teaching and learning of music in our classrooms must be evident, consistent, and cumulative.
#5 - We believe that the performance of music helps students develop collaborative skills as well as provide opportunities for them to contribute to their community.

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