Farnsworth Middle School

About Farnsworth Middle School

For decades, Farnsworth Middle School has been a diverse community. This tradition continues today as students attend Farnsworth from a multitude of backgrounds to form a “melting pot” where their differences become their strengths.

Education at Farnsworth Middle School

Farnsworth is committed to teaching the whole child. Academically, math and reading form the base which all other disciplines build upon. Students are provided a significant amount of time to learn these important skills and extra time is built into the day for additional support or enrichment. On a weekly basis, Farnsworth provides instruction specifically focused on teaching good character traits and positive behavior through the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) system, which includes: Respect, Responsibility, Safety, and Productivity.

Technology plays a huge role in student life. SmartBoards, Elmos, and other electronic devices are used on a consistent basis. Wireless internet throughout the building allows for the successful use of a variety of learning tools. All students at Farnsworth are assigned a Chromebook for daily home and school use and they will continue to have one-on-one devices throughout their middle school career.

Communication with families and students is a key component to our success. Families are provided weekly updates of activities and school announcements to encourage student participation, access to daily homework assignments, and a Skyward account to monitor grades. We also showcase activities at FMS on our Facebook page and send a monthly newsletter to families, which provides an overview of monthly academic instruction.

In addition to the regular school day, students are offered a variety of activities to support their growth and development as young citizens. The activities change regularly based on student interest and need. Centering around three areas – Academics, Sports, and Leadership – these activities are provided free to interested students. Some examples include the Lakeland College Math Meet, chess club, international club, cheerleading, archery, student council, and basketball. For those students who prefer not to participate in organized activities, we offer free supervised areas after school until 4:00 p.m. each day. These include our Library, and Maker Space areas.

A variety of student activity nights are sponsored throughout the year by an extremely active Student Council. On a regular basis, our Student Council works to support our community through their service/charity work.

Contact Information

1017 Union Avenue, Sheboygan, WI 53081

(920) 459-3655

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