Jackson Elementary School

About Jackson Elementary School

Jackson Elementary School is recognized as a school of excellence where students, staff, families, and the community are proud and excited to be involved.

Education at Jackson Elementary

Jackson School is known for having a caring staff and being a readers, writers, and math workshop school. Jackson Elementary School has a strong and balanced reading and writing program in concert with a fun and engaging environment for students.

Jackson’s staff and students use technology as a tool to learn the core subjects with creativity and innovation. Classrooms are equipped with SmartBoards and projectors, and our school uses Google Hangouts to do televised morning announcements in each classroom. In addition, each student in 3rd-5th grade is provided a Chromebook that helps build 21st century skills and supports college and career readiness. All students have access to iPads, iPods, and Chromebooks to support teaching and learning. Staff members are continuously seeking grants to prepare students for the 21st century. A highlight is our new Virtual Reality viewers that accompany our Science curriculum to take students on virtual field trips to build background knowledge.

The school cafeteria is home to a very special Magic Tree House reading center. Volunteers built the Magic Tree House from donations to encourage students to take time to enjoy books. The Magic Tree house is used by families and groups to inspire a love of reading.

Jackson School has a robust Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), which organizes a variety of events including monthly social activities for students and their families. The highlight and kick-off to the school year is the annual Brat Fry. This is the school’s major fundraiser and is guaranteed to be a great time for all ages. 

Coordinated with the time and talent of parent and staff volunteers, Jackson offers countless free enrichment activities for students such as yoga, drawing, volleyball, sign language, and many more. Students also participate in clubs such as after-school runners club, student council, yearbook, Positive ambassadors, announcements, math, chess, and technology club.

Jackson School has a Jumpstart Program every morning where the whole school is involved in movement and mindful activities. Classrooms view the staff and student led activities in their rooms via Google Hangouts on their SmartBoards. On Thursdays, pending nice weather, the whole school gathers on the playground to Jumpstart their day with movement activities, led by our Physical Education Teacher and other Jumpstart Team members.

Jackson is located on a large campus with an outdoor environmental lab and fitness areas for student and community use. The abundant green space includes a wildflower area, walking trail, disc golf course, and classroom gardens.

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