James Madison Elementary School

About James Madison Elementary School

James Madison Elementary is a unique and diverse neighborhood school. James Madison’s diversity teaches an appreciation and acceptance of people from a wide variety of backgrounds and abilities. Our core values steer us in a unified direction in order to achieve this. These values were established by the entire James Madison community, staff, students, and families. 

Education at James Madison Elementary

We teach our students to Strive For Excellence every day and we do this by doing our P.A.R.T.: Perseverance, Acceptance, Responsibility, Teamwork.

Families at James Madison enjoy various extracurricular events such as “Hot Dog I Love Reading,” Community Resource Night, and Technology Extravaganza. In addition, James Madison students look forward to PTO-sponsored after-school events such as the Fall Carnival, BINGO, Holiday Craft Night, and Movie Night.

The staff at James Madison is dedicated to ensuring that each individual student is meeting his or her academic goals. Over 94% of James Madison teachers hold a Master’s degree or higher and many support staff members have obtained college degrees. Additionally, the school has been recently recognized as a Wisconsin Title 1 School of Recognition several years in a row.

Staff members are on the forefront of the newest technology to increase student achievement. Each grade-level classroom is equipped with a SmartBoard, computer, document camera to assist students in the mastery of the Wisconsin State Standards. In addition, each student in second through fifth grade is provided a Chromebook, and kindergarten through first grade with an iPad. This helps build 21st-century skills and supports college and career readiness. All students have access to software technologies to support teaching and learning. Staff members are continuously seeking grants to prepare students for the 21st century.

James Madison is committed to offering students a variety of experiences both inside and outside of the classrooms, which provides a well-rounded education. Spelling Bees, Battle of the Books, Basketball Club, Art Club, and educational field trips enrich the students’ education.

The James Madison swimming pool builds a sense of community. It is the only elementary school within the district that has a pool. Where applicable, James Madison students third through fifth grade, as well as exceptional needs students, utilize the pool as part of the physical education curriculum to promote water safety and wellness.

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