Longfellow Elementary School

About Longfellow Elementary School

Longfellow Elementary School embraces the diversity of the community and creates an environment that allows students to be safe, responsible, and respectful. We work diligently each day to teach our students the importance of restoring relationships and making situations right with those who have been affected through Restorative Practices. Each classroom community also creates their own respect agreements that include feedback from each student. Our community partnerships play an important role in the success of the students, staff, parents, and community. Please call our office if you would like a tour or receive more information. GO TIGERS!!!

Education at Longfellow Elementary

Every student participates in Guidance, Art, Music, and Physical Education in addition to the rigorous core curriculum. Teachers receive support from a data/instructional coach to analyze student data to make educational decisions and plans as well as a behavior coach to assist the teachers and students.

The Longfellow staff has worked at length to infuse a strong literacy and math curriculum as part of its educational program. Longfellow is using technology to improve student motivation and engagement that enhances the curriculum for interventions as well as enrichment activities. Longfellow teachers are well-educated, with 78% having earned a Master’s degree, and many have achieved National Board Certification.

Longfellow is an elementary school that values an environment where all stakeholders work together, and our community partnerships are a crucial piece to the success of the entire school community. The school partners with the Boys and Girls Club, Kiwanis Club, Optimist Club, Seniors in Schools, Lunch Buddies, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, Youth-to-Youth Tutors, Nourish, Feed America, and Junior Achievement as well as many other beneficial donations from our local community.

Longfellow is a Title 1 and Achievement Gap Reduction (AGR) School that is provided with additional funding to allow small class sizes and services that help to create a more successful learning environment. Longfellow offers all students Universal Free Breakfast and Lunch and works with Nourish to supply additional sources of food through the backpack program. All students benefit greatly from this community involvement.

Longfellow Elementary takes great pride in effectively implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). This system allows for a positive way to recognize students for following the Longfellow Way of being safe, responsible, and respectful. Longfellow also utilizes Restorative Practices as a school-wide approach to improve and repair relationships between people and communities. The purpose is to build a healthy school community, repair harm, and restore relationships. Our staff and students participate daily in community circles and continue to use restorative circles and conversations when harm has been done within the school environment. Our teachers and students create their own respect agreements with valued input from both staff and students. We also use and teach the importance of affective statements when carrying out normal conversations and while working to repair the harm and restore relationships within the school community.

Students at Longfellow have the option to participate in the before-school care program and/or the 21st Century Community Learning Center (CLC), which is a free after-school program coordinated with the Boys and Girls Club. The program combines academic and enrichment activities with the support of several community partners. Additional after-school activities include Student Council, Bingo Night, and Culture Club. 

We invite all parents to be a part of the Longfellow experience and participate in the exciting opportunity of being a member of the Longfellow community.

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