About Sheridan's Library 

The Sheridan School Library welcomes students and staff to utilize our ever-growing and changing collection of reading and learning materials. All classrooms are scheduled for a weekly, or bi-weekly visit to allow time for students to choose books for pleasure reading. The Sheridan Library collection contains both English and Spanish materials. During research units, students have access to a wide variety of books and online resources to assist in their discovery of new knowledge. 

Mrs. Resch is the full-time library assistant and technology support person. Mrs. Resch is also the guardian of the fish, a favorite attraction in the library. Ms. Vollmer is the librarian and is here on Tuesday. They work together to encourage and support life-long reading habits, and help students and staff locate materials in the library, as well as make use of online resources. Ms. Vollmer is at three other libraries in the district throughout the week and can be reached by email anytime.

Acceptable Internet Use

Student use of the internet at school is governed by the Acceptable Internet Use and Safety Policy 7450. This policy can be found within the Sheboygan Area School District policies.

Parents must give permission for their child to use the internet as a learning resourse while at school. Permission is given by completing form 7540 - Elementary School Student Agreement and Permission Form for Internet Access. This form can also be found within the Sheboygan Area School District policies under Forms. This form is typically provided as part of the registration process.

If you have questions about your child's internet use while at school, please contact the school office.

Instructional Technology

Students in 4K, Kindergarten and first grade have carts of iPad minis available for classroom use. Students use the devices for extra practice, enrichment or reinforcement of taught concepts.

Third, fourth and fifth grade students utilize Chromebooks in the classroom to enhance their learning. At the elementary level, the Chromebooks remain at school for use.

In middle school and high school, Sheboygan Area School District students are issued Chromebooks for use as school and at home. Student Chromebook use is governed by the Chromebook Policy Handbook.

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