Student Drop-off and Pick-up Information

Student Drop-off and Pick-up Information

At Sheridan Elementary School student safety is one of our priorities. We want to ensure that all of our students are safe coming to and going home from school. We also want things to be as convenient and efficient as possible for you. With this in mind, we would like to inform or remind you about our student pick-up and drop-off policy.

  • Maryland Avenue - This is the street that runs in front of Sheridan. This street should be used for parents dropping off students for before school daycare and parents that need to come into the building. You need to legally park and then enter the building. All students should be picked up and dropped off on New Jersey Avenue when possible.

    • We have 3 parking slots that are designated for student pick-up and drop-off. These are needed for parents that come into the building to pick up or drop off students for appointments, etc.
    • If those spots are filled, you need to find a legal parking spot.
    • You may not park in the walkway.
    • You may not park in the staff parking lot.
    • You may not park in the handicap spot unless you have a sign/sticker to indicate you are allowed to use that spot. It is illegal to park there if you do not have a sign/sticker to indicate this.
    • You may not park or leave your car in the middle of the road.
    • You may not park next to a parked vehicle, double park.
    • You may only pick up your students on Maryland Avenue for appointments, etc. Students are to be picked up on New Jersey Avenue after school.
    • Parents will not be allowed to enter the building to pick up students on Maryland Avenue. Students will be dismissed through the New Jersey Avenue doors. This is for safety purposes.
    • Parking is limited and you may have to wait. We apologize for this, however, you should only need to wait for a short period of time.
  • 15th Street - This is where the school buses drop off and pick up. Please don’t use this street for dropping off or picking students up. There is no parking, stopping, or standing here. You cannot pull over to pick-up or drop-off.
  • New Jersey Avenue - This is the street to use to drop-off and pick-up students.

    • No Parking Signs - The signs indicate no parking. Parking is considered turning off and leaving your vehicle. It is OK to pull over here to drop-off and pick-up students.
    • Drop-off and pick-up students on the south side of the street when possible.
    • Pull to the side of the road and put your car in park before allowing your child to get out or in.
    • Have your child enter or exit on the same side as the sidewalk when possible.
    • If you need to drop-off or pick-up your child off on the north side of the street, they should walk to the closest crosswalk to cross New Jersey Ave.
    • Students can enter and exit the playground through the gate in the middle of the fence.

Other Possibilities - For older students, consider parking on one of the nearby side streets and have your child walk the short distance to or from school using crosswalks to cross as needed.