Sheboygan Leadership Academy Academics

Sheboygan Leadership Academy provides a strong curriculum in all core subject areas as well as Spanish, music, art, and physical education. In support of our school charter there is additional emphasis placed on virtue development and service learning.

Into Reading

Into Reading was built to address the needs of the entire learning community to facilitate outcomes that elevate students.

Saxon Math

Saxon Math is an incremental approach that distributes instruction, practice, and assessment.


52 Virtues from the internationally recognized Virtues Project guide our students every day. 

Service Learning

Authentic service learning is woven throughout the curriculum


21st century skills are woven into each class in all grades, 4K through grade 8. 


Our students enjoy Spanish, Art, Physical Education, and Music. 

Title I

Title I is a federal program that provides money to school districts to help children becoming successful learners.

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