Information for the 2021-22 school year is now available.  Face mask is required.  

Below are documents listing approximate bus pick-up and drop-off times for student transportation for the 2021-22 school year. Please refer to the transportation letter you received (private and special ed families only), look for the bus stop location from last school year if your child is at the same school or contact your school secretary to confirm the bus stop location. If you need to add busing, make a change or no longer need transportation, please contact your school secretary to start the process. If your child attends Early Learning Center, please contact your child’s teacher, or for bus changes, please contact the Early Learning Center Office at 920.459.4330.

*Please note: bus times may vary due to weather, road construction, traffic or changes to the route(s). Please have your student waiting at their assigned bus stop 10 minutes prior to the suggested bus time.  Please contact Prigge Bus Co at 920.459. 2961 to arrange the closest bus stop location when there is road construction in your neighborhood.

Morning route note: North, Horace Mann, Urban and few South High students are picked up together and need to transfer buses at either Cleveland Elementary School (about 6:50AM), Field of Dreams, and/or Horace Mann Middle School in order to get to their respective schools.

To figure out the drop off time regarding schools that have Wednesday early release, please use how many minutes after dismissal your child's drop off is listed below.  Find out what time is Wednesday early release for your school.  Add the number of minutes to the Wednesday dismissal time and you have your estimated Wednesday drop off time. For example, Horace Mann Middle School dismisses at 3:00PM and 1:45PM on Wednesdays.  If the drop off time listed below is 3:36PM, 36 minutes from 3PM dismissal to drop off, add 36 minutes to 1:45PM dismissal for about a 2:21PM Wednesday estimated drop off time.

Regular Education Transportation Routes (last updated 1/13/2022)

Bus Routes are listed by school to and from routes in numerical order.

Morning route note: Middle and high school students are picked up together and may need to transfer buses at either Cleveland Elementary School (6:50AM) or the Field of Dreams in order to get to their school.

23.001 To Urban & North High Inc Cleveland

23.002 To Urban & North High School

23.003 To North High School

23.101 From South & North High School Inc Cleveland

23.102 From North High School

27.101 From South High School

33.001 To Farnsworth & South High

33.002 To Farnsworth & South High

33.101 From Farnsworth Middle School

39.001 To Horace Mann From Cleveland

39.002 To Horace Mann Middle School

39.003 To Horace Mann & South High School

39.101 From Horace Mann Cleveland Area

39.102 From Horace Mann Cleveland Area

39.103 From Horace Mann Middle School

39.104 From Horace Mann Middle School

45.101 From Urban Middle School

Effective, Monday, November 8th, one Horace Mann late bus will run for both Town of Sheboygan and Cleveland bus eligible students.  This bus will depart Horace Mann around 4:30PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  If there are Town of Sheboygan students they will be dropped of at Lincoln-Erdman Elementary School parking lot as the only drop off for these students about 4:40-4:45PM. Then the bus will drop off students who live in the village of Cleveland.  

There is no late bus for Farnsworth or Urban Middle School students.  

74.001 To Madison Elementary Red Bus

74.101 From Madison Elementary Red Bus

Afternoon route note: Due to the bus driver shortage, the PM trip will first start when the previous South High trip is finished. Therefore, the PM arrival times to James Madison and student drop off times may vary everyday.

79.001 To Pigeon River Blue Bus

79.002 To Pigeon River Green Bus

Afternoon route note: Due to the bus driver shortage, there is one bus and one bus driver.  Therefore, when the 79.101 student stops are done, the bus driver will return to school and fill up the bus with the majority of the students.  Therefore, the 79.102 stop times are best guesses until we know truly how many student riders/stops there will be.

79.101 From Pigeon River Blue Bus

79.102 From Pigeon River Green Bus

Special Education Transportation Routes (last updated 1/10/2022)

Bus Routes are listed by school to and from routes in numerical order.

Charter School and Parochial School Transportation Routes (last updated 1/11/2022)

For more information on bus eligibility and the rules of Sheboygan Area School District's Student Transportation, please view the Transportation page.