Horace Mann Middle School Academics

In our classrooms and programming, the use of technology is ever present in our lives and at HMMS we focus on when it is needed to maximize learning, use proper digital citizenship, and when it is best to unplug.

6th Grade Teams

6th-grade core academics are taught by eight highly qualified teachers on two grade-level teams. Click to learn more about our 6th-grade teams.

7th Grade Teams

7th-grade core academics are taught by eight highly qualified teachers on two grade-level teams. Click to learn more about our 7th-grade teams.

8th Grade Teams

8th-grade core academics are taught by seven highly qualified teachers on two grade-level teams. Click to learn more about our 8th-grade teams.


The middle school art program offers 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students an exploratory class involving a variety of media and processes, creative problem solving and personal expression. Students will use their knowledge, intuition and experiences to develop ideas for their artwork.

Dual Language Program

The Sheboygan Area School District offers a Dual Language program for students starting in 4-year-old kindergarten or 5-year-old kindergarten. The Dual Language classes include native-Spanish speakers and native-English speakers, who receive content-based instruction in both Spanish and English.

Family and Consumer Education (FACE)

Family and Consumer Education (FACE) teaches students skills that will help them thrive both now and in the future. Students will learn such essentials as meal planning and preparation, personal safety, child care, interior design and layout, family budgeting, and clothing care.


Health education provides students with the knowledge necessary to achieve an optimum level of health. All grades study life skills and human growth and development. 7th grade also focuses on wellness, the health triangle, and drug education.

IMPACT Academy

SASD - Impact Academy Teacher: Julian Carter Mission: The Impact Academy is an alternative learning program, built into the normal school day at Horace Mann. Students who are performing significantly below their ability and potential - are selected for this parallel program. 

Life Readiness

Life Readiness classes help students prepare for their futures beyond school.

Literacy Specialist

Horace Mann Middle School students and staff are supported by a Literacy Specialist. Click to learn more about the Literacy Specialist program.

Multilingual Learners (ML)

The ML Department strives to achieve one very important objective for our ML student population at Horace Mann Middle School: academic achievement for every student.


The halls of Horace Mann are alive with the sound of music. The music department offers instrumental music through each grade's bands and orchestra as well as vocal music through the choirs.

Physical Education

In Physical Education, students will be challenged, treated fairly, have many opportunities to partake in a variety of activities, and have fun doing it. Students will participate in physical education every other schol day. Enjoy, and don't forget your gym clothes!

Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

The goal of PBIS is to promote and teach appropriate pro-social skills and behaviors to maximize academic success for all students.

Resource Officer

Horace Mann has a full-time School Resource Officer (SRO) on campus. Click to learn more about our assigned School Resource Officer.

Special Education

All students should be provided with an education in the development of cognitive skills, affective skills, self-awareness, self-esteem, physical well being, and socially acceptable decision making strategies.

Student Services

Horace Mann Middle School takes pride in its counseling program. Services offered include individual and group counseling in the the areas of personal/social concerns, academics, and career exploration.

Tech Ed/Project Lead the Way

Technology Education offers several options for students who are interested in technology and industry. Our Project Lead The Way courses ask students to problem-solve by integrating skills and knowledge drawn from science, technology, engineering, and math.

World Language

The World Language Department seeks to advance world language proficiency so that students can participate in and appreciate the global society in which we live.

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